WNL Practi-CRdM CPR Monitor



This flexible wrist monitor is designed to measure compression rate and depth when practicing CPR on a manikin.

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What is a CPR Wrist Monitor?

The WNL Practi-CRdM CPR Wrist Monitor is a monitor that can be worn on your wrist to measure the rate of compressions during CPR.

What are the Benefits of a Wrist Monitor?

The American Heart Association requires that instructors use feedback devices during CPR training. As a CPR feedback device, the WNL Practi-CRdM wrist monitor immediately alerts the wearer of the compression rate with its diode illumination.

While some manikins have built in feedback devices, many do not. If you have older manikins and are not able to invest in the industries preferred Prestan CPR manikins, we recommend these wrist monitors as a cost effective solution.

How does the WNL Practi-CRdM CPR Monitor Work?

  • The Wrist Monitor is equipped with a diode light that turns green when the wearer compresses at the ideal rate. The light turns green when compressions are performed in the range of 100 to 120 compressions per minute.
  • The monitor features a latex-free strap that fits comfortably around the wearer’s wrist.
  • Anybody who is looking to improve their CPR compression technique will benefit from the immediate feedback of The WNL Practi-CRdM CPR Wrist Monitor.




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