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EpiPen Trainers are reusable and distinguished from EpiPen’s by their coloring and labeled “EpiPen Trainer.” Made to resemble the real EpiPen auto-injector, it allows you and other people to prepare and quickly address severe allergic reactions that cause anaphylaxis.

The Mylan EpiPen Trainer is also perfect for instructors demonstrating to students the proper way to inject with EpiPen. While auto-injector training pens work the same as your real injectors, they do not include a needle or medication. With enough practice, training, or demo, you can help save lives in case of anaphylactic emergencies.

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What Exactly Is an EpiPen Trainer Device?

If you or someone you know experiences life-threatening allergic reactions like anaphylaxis, you might be familiar with EpiPen’s. EpiPen’s are a device that deliver epinephrine to stop anaphylaxis. While you wouldn’t want to practice using a real EpiPen until needed, there are trainer devices to familiar yourself with using one. These are called EpiPen trainers. The Mylan EpiPen training device is designed to help you practice and respond to allergic emergencies. It doesn’t have a needle or medication, but it lets you practice correct injection techniques and protocols.

Who Is It For, and How Do I Use the Epipen Trainer?

EpiPen Trainers are a required piece of equipment for many First Aid Training devices. To use the device, take out the blue safety cap, inject the orange tip into the outer thigh, push and hold the auto-injector for three seconds, and withdraw the Trainer Pen.

Key Product Features

  • Practical design that works the same way as the actual EpiPen (without the needle or adrenaline)
  • Suited for instructor demonstration and student practice to learn safe EpiPen administration
  • Often utilized for first aid training
  • Pressure-responsive tip
  • Reusable, allowing you to practice as many times as you want

Learn Proper Injection Techniques Using Mylan EpiPen Trainer

If you want your students to learn how to use an EpiPen and adopt the best injection techniques, buy an EpiPen Trainer. Your friends, carers, families, and colleagues will learn not only how to use an EpiPen but also how to reset an EpiPen properly.

These reusable trainers can be practiced with as often as possible to ensure responders are fully equipped in case severe allergic reactions occur. In First Aid training classes, we recommend having one EpiPen trainer for each student.

Watch an Epi Pen Trainer Demonstration here:




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