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Showing all 10 results

CPR Manikins- What You Need to Know

To teach CPR, you must have CPR manikins. Generally, it’s not recommended (and dangerous) to use live volunteers to act out the part of a victim in cardiac arrest. Having high-quality CPR manikins for CPR training is a must.

At CPR Supply Source, we only sell products we have used and absolutely love. There is no need to shop around for better products- you can trust that we are offering the best products that we have vetted and use on a daily basis.

Why are Prestan CPR Manikins the Best?

When looking for CPR manikins you will want to consider quality, value, and necessary features. Over the years we have used every type of manikin and our favorite are the Prestan manikins because they check all the boxes.

  1. Quality: Prestan manikins are made with high-quality materials and attention to details. Their design is realistic and facilitates life like training.
  2. Value: Most Prestan manikins come with a 3 year warranty but last much longer than that- if not forever. Their price point is in line with the features they offer and in our experience, manikins that cost less simply do not hold up over time.
  3. Necessary Features: The American Heart Association requires CPR manikins have feedback devices to show the student and instructor when chest compressions are being performed adequately. Prestan CPR Manikins all have this feature built in.

Types of Prestan Manikins:

We stock individual adult and infant Prestan mankins as well as packaged sets, like the adult Prestan Manikin Diversity 4-pack to meet your various training needs.