AED Trainers

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AED Trainers are required for students to practice with to simulate responding to real life emergencies. A quality AED trainer will function and operate like a real AED but will not have the ability to deliver a shock.

At CPR Supply Source, we only sell products we love, and for that reason we only sell Prestan AED trainers. Prestan AED trainers are the most recommended trainers by CPR instructors across the world. Their quality, features, and value can not be compared to others.

If you are looking for full functioning AED’s that are not for training but for use in cardiac arrest, please visit The AED Source.

CPR Packages with AED Trainers

If you are looking for a complete set up to teach CPR courses, consider the WorldPoint Economy BLS Starter Pack that comes with 4 AED trainers. For instructors only looking to teach 2-6 students at a time you may also consider the Prestan Take2 Kit.