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How Much Does A CPR Dummy Cost To Buy & Maintain?

A question many people that are interested in becoming a CPR trainer as is, ‘How much do CPR manikins cost to buy and maintain?’ We’ve written a helpful guide with information on everything associated with CPR dummies.

What is a CPR manikin used for?

CPR Dummies are one of the most important tools that any CPR trainer will need to be able to teach CPR. In order to have quality CPR classes, manikins are required for practicing how to perform CPR. A CPR manikin usually just has a head and torso to give the student a realistic experience practicing CPR. CPR dummy’s allow for the most effective instruction in the proper technique for chest compressions. CPR dummies also are used for students to practice giving rescue breaths and using bag mask device for ventilations.

Why Do I Need A CPR Dummy?

A CPR manikin is the most appropriate way to demonstrate CPR skills. Using humans would be dangerous and is not a safe option. Conversely, the use of pillows or other stand ins just simply will not provide the correct and full experience students will need to confidently learn and hone their CPR skills.

CPR manikins are required to be used for courses taught through the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Red Cross (ARC). If you are teaching courses through the AHA or ARC, your students certifications will not be valid without them practicing their skills with a CPR dummy.

What is the average price of CPR Manikin?

CPR dummies come in adult, children, and infant sizes. It is important to have both adult and infant dummies to practice how to perform CPR on all ages. We recommend Prestan adult CPR manikins that start at $208 each or have better pricing when purchased as a packagePrestan infant CPR manikins retail for $187 individually or less when purchased in a 4-pack.

You may be able to find manikins for less, but be careful that they likely do not have built in feedback devices that are required by most training organizations. Additionally, you can find manikins that cost more but we typically find the extra expense is not worth it for most training.

While the cost of purchasing equipment can be daunting, it is a worthwhile investment to have quality equipment that will last for many and many years. If you are just getting started or your organization has a small budget, consider using the financing we offer at no cost to pay for the equipment over time as you get business in!

Do I Need Training to use a CPR Dummy?

No training is needed for to learn how to use a CPR dummy. Your manikins should come with instructions on how to assemble. If you need any support with this upon arrival we are always here to help!

How to maintain a CPR manikin?

The maintenance of a CPR dummy is relatively easy. After each use it is recommended that you wipe the surface down with a disinfectant wipe and replace the lung bags as needed. Learn how to change the manikin lungs by watching this youtube video.


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